Top 22 Albums of the Decade

Let me first preface this list with the fact that these are weighted by affect they had on me personally. I will try to the best of my knowledge to give a little info about what each album means to me. Also this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. If i tried to give these a specific order this article would never get written. Thanks for your understanding as you read through this list.

1. Modern Life is War – “Witness”

This album is very near and dear to my heart. This album kept me close to home even when i was almost a thousand miles from it. From the dramatic opening line “So what the fuck do you think you’re going to do kid?” to the track about my hometown “Marshalltown” it hits hard and deep all the way through.  This album, and this band deserve a major credit for keeping me sane in times that i thought i was headed for a straight on break-down.

2.  Cradle of Filth – “Midian”

This album was my introduction into any sort of extreme metal. I have to say that I was very narrow-minded towards this band before giving this album a listen. (lol, only mallgoths would listen to this i thought…but such is a 17-18 year old mind). I’m glad i decided to give it a try. This album opened up so many new musical doorways for me. The lyrical themes definitely grabbed me and still do to this day.

3. Cradle of Filth – “Thornography”


What can I say about Thornography? When giving this a listen for the first time I was startled when the first track ended and track two kicked in ( “dirge inferno” ). That riff will grab you by the balls and make you listen. This album got me through some dark days living in solitude. It was definitely a bright spot in a dark time in my life. From the word go this album doesn’t drop your attention.

4. Index Case – “Index Case”

I was first introduced to these guys back in high school. I was listening to lazer local licks and their song “listen” came on. This album has more recently been in the forefront of my musical tastes. I like the mixture of styles this band has to offer. “WhyDreams bleed” and “Fetish” are refreshingly melodic.

5.  Atreyu – “The Curse”

Another earth-shattering album for me. Metalcore was such a crazy foreign idea to me at the time. The vampiric lyrical content of this album definitely drew me in. Also “The Remembrance ballad” was such a punch in the gut when i heard it. That song could make even the most giant of football players bawl like a baby.

6. Metallica – “Death Magnetic”

Ahh, metallica. One of the first metal bands i got into (as i’m sure is the case for millions of people). I was definitely pleasantly surprised when i heard this album. It was a sort of redemption as a metallica fan. They got so much shit for “St. Anger” and i think most of that is due to lars shitty sounding drums on that album (sorry dude…it’s true). This is what a metallica album should sound like!

7. Testament – “The Formation of Damnation”

I was so excited to hear this album was coming out. It’d been about 8 or so years since there’d been new Testament material. When I heard the riff to “More than meets the eye” it was like i was 14 hearing metal for the first time again. It’s so much fun to have that kind of experience.

8. Slayer – “God Hates us All”

Pure despise and contempt for the puritanical and dogmatic ways of Christianity in America today. Those are the only words with which i can sum up this album. I LOVE IT.

9. Megaherz – “Herzwerk II”

This band absoluteley and unequivocally changed me. This was my intro to Neue Deutsche Haerte (New German Hard[core]) outside of Rammstein. It gave me a new window into the german culture. I was amazed to find that this band had been around since the early 90’s. Us americans are late to the NDH scene.  I’m glad that I was turned on to this genre.

10.  Still Remains – “Of love and Lunacy”

I remember hearing “White walls” for the first time and thinking “Holy fuck, these guys aren’t kidding around”. This album is intense from start to finish. This album is definitely one to let some of that inner pressure out to.

11. Stone Sour – “Come What(ever) may”

This album definitely got me fired up. With songs like 30-30/150 and the title track, this is an album i will always find myself bobbing my head with.  I am glad that Corey and Jim and all the guys in the band decided to explore a different path than the one they took with Slipknot. Corey has an amazing voice and it would be a shame for him not to utilize it for all of it’s potential.

12. Two Words – “Never”

This album is just pure and raw, unabashed AGGRESSION. 30 Minutes of the most pissed off music you could ever want to hear in your entire life. This album is a cathartic cleansing of the soul.

13.  Opeth – “Blackwater Park”

I also discovered this band around the time I was just discovering Extreme and Black metal. So hearing a progressive band was the perfect counter-balance to all the other crazy shit i was listening to. Opeth walks the genre-defying wire with their music. The first time I heard “The Drapery Falls” i was absolutely dumbfounded. There’s no way this list could be complete w/o this album on it.

14.  Pantera – “Re-inventing the Steel”

Just cause it’s pantera, and was the only album they put out in this decade. Too bad Cowboys from hell or Vulgar DOP wasn’t from this decade as well. Cause they’d def be in here.

15. Enigma – The Screen Behind The Mirror

As is always the case with an engima, this album isn’t just a casual listen, it’s an experience. This album has accompanied a few key moments in my life, and I would say enhanced them. I love putting this album on during a thunderstorm and turning everything off and just lying in my bed soaking it in.

16. Five.Bolt.Main – Venting

Risen from the ashes of the band Flaw, 2005’s “venting” saw a change in the wind for Chriz Volz & Company. I became aware of this band through a friend, when their first single from the album was released “Pathetic”. It was instantly in heavy rotation by me. This album shines through as heavy and melodic. Chris’ vocals have always been a spotlight in all of his projects.

17. Lacuna Coil – Comalies

This album launched Lacuna Coil into the higher echelons of modern rock. Cristina’s vocals resonate into the soul, and blend well with Andrea Ferro’s. While I love the 2 singles from the album “Swamped” and “Heaven’s a Lie”, my favorites will always be “Entwined” and “Unspoken”. This album definitely came with me to school on a regular basis.

18. Eisbrecher – Eisbrecher


Eisbrecher’s self titled debut left me dumbfounded the first time I heard it. When vocalist Alexx Wesselsky left Megaherz he formed Eisbrecher with Producer/Guitarist Noel Pixx. This album has many powerhouses on it such as “Schwarze Witwe”, “Fanatica”, “Angst?”, and the balled “Frage”. It is Neue Deutsche Härte at it’s best. I love the Alex era of Megaherz but i’m SO glad that this music exists.

19. Dimmu Borgir – “Death Cult Armageddon”

The sixth studio album from this Symphonic Black Metal ensemble, this entered into my musical lexicon around the same time as Cradle of Filth did via their “Midian” album. ICS Vortex again lays down his piece of magic for the clean vocals, with solid instrumentation throughout the album. Roaring blast beats and epic orchestration, the band reached a pinnacle of production with this effort. Notable tracks include “Progenies of the great Apocalypse”, “Lepers Among Us”, “For the World to Dictate Our Death”, and my favorite song in their native tongue of Norwegian “Vredesbyrd (Burden of Wrath)”.

20. E Nomine – Finsternis

Finsternis (Darkness) is the second album of German musical project E Nomine, released in 2002. A limited edition version of the album, which included a bonus DVD, was also released at the same time.”Mitternacht”, the album’s debut single, once again featured the German synchronis speaker Christian Brückner, and helped make Finsternis into a top-ten hit in Germany in March 2002. The next single was the similarly popular “Das Tier in Mir (Wolfen)” followed by “Das Böse”.Finsternis also features the synchronis speakers for Robert De Niro, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Oliver Reed, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Michael Caine, John Malkovich, Nicolas Cage.Angst is unique as it references Freddy Krueger from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of slasher films.

21. The Sound and the Fury – Another Stage

There is no way you can possibly hear this record and not sing along. With such tracks as “Millionaire Losers” and “Bullet Factory” this album will sink it’s teeth into your ears and won’t let go until it’s finished getting it’s point across.

22. Celldweller (Self-Titled)

The self-titled 2003 debut album from Celldweller is nothing short of devastationally mind-blowing. I can’t find the words to describe this album…GO LISTEN.


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